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Mar 9, 2011 7:00pm PST
>>> welcome to nhk news world line. the u.s. embassy announced the head of japan affairs at the state department kevin maher has been fired. visiting u.s. assistant secretary of state kurt campbell, in facted him of the move on thursday in their talks on thursday. they say a former deputy chief will assume the post. maher reportedly told some college students in the u.s. last december that okinawans are masters of manipulation and extortion. he was referring to the relocation of a u.s. marines air space station in the southern most prefecture. in the talks with takeaki matsumoto, campbell said maher's comments are unacceptable and contrary to u.s. policy and its respect for the people of okinawa. >>> japan's two major stock exchange operators will explore the possibility of consolidating their businesses. the talks will be aimed at bolstering japan's standing in the world equity market, amid growing pressure for realignment in the industry. if they agree to integrate operations it will have a listing of 4,000 stocks, rivaling the world's leading forces. the two will likel
Mar 10, 2011 4:00am EST
as libya's civil war continue to rise on investors around the world. japan's nikkei lost 1.5% after figures showed the country's economy shrank more than they thought. it contracted by 1.3%, more than an initial reading of contracting by 1.1%. in australia, the s&p asx 200 also shrank by 1.5%. and mining and energy firms lost ground. as for the hong kong's hang seng, almost 1%. banking and insurance stocks were topping the loser's board there. and some unexpected trade date from china dragged the shanghai lower, it shrank about 1.5%. let me give you a little detail on that because china surprised analysts by reporting a trade deficit of $7.3 billion in february. quite a dramatic change from back in october, for example, we were looking at a trade surplus of more than $27 billion for china. well last month, the country's imports soared to $104 billion but exports rose slightly. that actually left china with the first trade deficits since march 10. experts say it was due to the lunar holiday when china's output falling dramatically. economists had expected china to report a trade surplus for
Mar 10, 2011 6:00am PST
was a grass roots organization in japan town created by jeff mory. john was actually a participant in the program. he came up and i got his first summer job? gcyc. he has worked in early childhood development. substance abuse prevention. they have expanded the range to include college access. substance abuse. youth employment and youth leadership. just to give you a sense of how many people are served there are over 8 thousand children from all /*eugt ethnic backgrounds. they help over 3 thousand youth to be the first to go to college. they put over 2 thousand youth a year to work through employment programs. we have to increase that to 20 thousand. his program as in many ways, revolutionized the way youth are employed in san francisco. the organization is often called upon by leaders and city government to implement now programs. they are established by governor mayor gavin newsom. but beyond all that john has accomplished, we honor him for isunselfish giving. many who are mom and pop organizations. a lot of time we find that community based organizations don't collaborate or coo
Mar 10, 2011 6:30pm EST
american clothes. >> from india. >> india. japan. vietnam. >> and mexico. >> reporter: the label inside the jeans? >> japan. >> reporter: we saved him right there. but we did ask about that abercrombie bag. >> china. >> reporter: made in china. so, you came all this way from germany -- >> to play stuff from china. >> reporter: that an understatement. because 98% of the clothes bought in this country are made overseas. china, by far, the leader. leaving just 2% made here in america. you may remember when "world news" recently traveled to china, to the town that makes one-third of the world's socks. chen gulfan and her husband showed me a picture of their son. they see him once a year, back with his grandparents, because they come to work in the factory, making $14 a day, $270 a month. clothing workers here, $88 a day. how could we ever compete with those socks and other items? would we want to? >> i'm not sure it's feasible to compete with china. what we are good at is the production of advanced goods. >> reporter: applied to clothing, he means, labs like this one at north face in califo
Mar 10, 2011 12:30am PST
gotten from a couple others. in japan tel, there was a new karaoke bar. it was basically an old carry a keyboard that changed ownership. we did a little bit of education, -- it was an old karaoke bar. and last, the only incident we have the we have not gotten a police report on yet was an assault and stabbing in the mission area, and the interesting thing is that at this time, one, we are not sure about the nexus between that and the surrounding bars, and two, we are not sure if the bar have a permit in the first place. this may not be in our purview at all. we are just waiting for more information at this time, and that is all i have. thank you. president newlin: commissioners, any questions? any items from the public? seeing none, we will move on to item four. none. all right, item number five, a hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment division. item a, artura angulo, dba southtown arcade, 447 stockton. >> a retail store on the union square side. as i understand, it will have local art from local artists and st. cult
Mar 10, 2011 4:30am EST
prices rose near $105 a barrel. japan's nikkei tumbled 1.5% to a five-week low, while hong kong's hang seng fell nearly 1%. today wall street gets the very latest look on the weekly jobless claim numbers. on wednesday stocks closed slightly lower. the dow lost just one point while the nasdaq gave back 14. >>> foreclosure notices dropped to a three-year low last month. but, experts caution most of that drop is because lenders put a temporary stop on some home seizures due to allegations they were cutting corners with paperwork. still, nearly 65,000 homes were repossessed last month. analysts expect the foreclosure crisis to peak later on this year. >>> the average household can expect to spend $700 more on gas this year than they did last. the energy department bases their estimate on an annual pump price of $3.61 a gallon. and says the annual cost will average more than $3,200 for a household. the agency expects gas to average $3.71 during the summer peak driving season. it says there's a 25% chance it will top $4 a gallon. >>> and the rich get richer once again. mexican tycoon carlos
Mar 10, 2011 7:00am EST
not kid ourselves, also weighed down by the ongoing fighting in libya and those oil prices. also, japan's economy contract in sharper than expected. but let's not kid ourselves. market watchers are telling us the big focus on the market at the moment are the oil prices. u.s. light crude at $104 a barrel and brent crude traded in london at around $115. >> oil price is always in focus. thanks very much. undergoing's army is its biggest test yet. in just a moment president hamid karzai is due to announce the first phase of a security transition from foreign forces to afghan troops. the first that toward a final transition in the year 2014. but many challenges remain. many of the recruits are illiterate. a drug addiction is a problem and recruits have just eight weeks of training before they have to face the taliban. these next week's are a vital time for both the army and the hope of a smooth transition. joined from washington by seth jones by the rand corp. who has written extensively on the conflict. advise the general of special operations forces and afghanistan. thank you for joining m
Mar 9, 2011 6:00pm PST
a barrel second, commodity prices are surging, china is raising interest rates, japan is raising interest rates, european central bank is raising interest rates. and the fed may have to raise interest rates. the third thing that's a problem of the economy is, the stimulus is dying out. and if inflation appears fed reserve chairman bernanke will have to end this easing which is hosing 100 billion dollars in cash into the economy every weren't and the possibility of irish defaulting some there are clouds over looks like a recovery. >> very good at finding all those clouds! it was very good news for the economy, with job creation just under 200,000 in the private sector. and if that kind of row bustness can continue, looking at an unemployment rate that may drop a little below 8 by 2012 is very good news for the american and also good for the president's re-election prospects. but i'll find one crowl of my own and that is something else that mr. bernanke said that you didn't include, and that is if the republicans proceed with the kind of cuts that they're talking about, that that could damp
Mar 9, 2011 11:30pm PST
rain. >> thanks, bill. >>> thank you. >> three earthquakes registering more than 6.0 have hit japan in just the last 12 hours. all after-shocks from yesterday's 7.2 quake. that quake caused a small tsunami but no significant damage or injuries. it was centered off the coast. addition the quake there have been 14 over 5. >>> just how rich are . >>> the richest got richer according to forbes adding one trillion to their wealth. carlos slim tops the list worth $74 billion. microsoft's bill gates came in second with $56 billion. number three was investor warren buffet worth $50 billion. and oracle's ceo is worth $40 billion. >>> mark is here with sports. with the warriors almost seems like you are getting to the point where you will see, well, there is always next season. >> just about that tint. at the end of the day it is what it is. whatever. a few overused current expressions for people who can't really think of anything else to say with regard to a particular situation. that's the case with the warriors. what more can you say about the same old thing. ashley gave up for lent her ha
Mar 10, 2011 6:00pm EST
and ireland and japan and poland and yes, from mexico and the middle east. they came here with a belief that they would be judged as equals and their children would have the same opportunity as any other american. that's why my family came here. we're true believers. we believe what makes you american is not being born in nebraska or new jersey. it's the belief in your heart that democracy is the right form of government, freedom is essential and we should all be treated as equals. but from time to time in this country's history, some ugly forces in the nation try to undo the essence of america and forget what made it great. joe mccarthy wanted to separate us. he held hearings that turned into witch hunts, trying to find people he believed to be un-american. during world war ii, fdr made a terrible mistake and interned the japanese one of those interned was mike honda. he says he cannot believe he's lived long enough to see our country turn back to these dark days. we've attacked different ethnicities for their race or creed. just ask native americans or african-americans. but we persev
Mar 10, 2011 9:00am EST
by the i.m.f. japan, for example, has also fallen behind in its deficit goals. and to make matters worse standard & poor's downgraded japan's credit rating. if we do not face the reality and take serious steps now to confront this challenge, we will find ourselves in a similar position. the impact will be disastrous, just as it's been in greece and portugal and ireland. unfortunately, this reality has not yet sunk in in enough places in washington, d.c. president obama asked congress to increase the debt ceiling, allowing our country to take on even more debt. but it would be irresponsible to allow more spending without a serious plan in place to reduce the deficit. americans are looking for leadership in washington to help create jobs and get our economy back on its feet. but lately they heard a lot of partisan rhetoric and all they've seen is more government spending. it is time for our government to change direction and to change dramatically. we must work together to restrain spending and to put in place progrowth measures that create jobs. by saying both no to more spending and yes
Mar 10, 2011 7:00am PST
're going to japan and you'll be touring. do you still enjoy that, dionne? >> the best part is when i'm on stage doing what i do best. getting to it is -- it was.ling isn't whatcc1: >> it's become so taxing.cc1: >> it must be unbelievable sitting in japan or anywhere in the world having all these people that, you know, are singing every word along with you and just enjoying it so much. it's got to be an incredible feeling. >> it's so wonderful being part of smile times in people's lives. and going into 50 years now, it's like -- >> amazing. >> we saw you sing with whitney at the clive davis party right before the grammys. how was that? >> it was amazing. it was like being with my family. >> you've got good dna. >> absolutely, i sure do. >> we wish you great luck with the cd. >> have fun in japan. come see you us again. >> i will do that. >> "the apprentice" is going on now. check it out. >>> we're going to tell you ten habits you need to pick up. >> is it more important to be a happy mother or a good mother? everyone hays story. and shine. with pantene nature fusion shampoo. experienc
Mar 10, 2011 5:00pm EST
. >> look at european's and japan's statistics. they are lower. if any, these are optimistic figures. >> right. japan, as you know, has a birthrate of 1.25. their population in 2005 has been declining even those people are living so much longer. it is declines because the birthrate is low and they have essentially no net immigration. we are still having at least essential replacement birthrates and having net immigration, so good point. our problem is significant, but it's actually worse elsewhere. if that's any solace, that's good news. look at the birthrate of 2.0, add in the net immigration, it makes it 2.3. what that means is while the birthrate dropped from about 3 down to 2, with the the help of immigration, it's at 2.3. it's not quite as bad as just looking at birthrates, but still significant. the implications of this on social security and beyond social security clearly, we can look at what has happened to the relationship between the number of workers and the number of beneficiaries. this is very similar to a pure demographic ratio that's oftentimes looked at which is the a
Mar 10, 2011 12:00pm EST
often we hear on this floor discussion about china eating our lunch and clean energy, about japan and germany outpacing us in -- in wind and solar technology, but does anybody think that if those countries had a gulf of mexico or an anwar that they would not be drilling in those areas as we speak? does anyone think that those nations demagogue nuclear power or refuse to permit coal plants? their -- their energy policies are on better track than ours. they -- they're not just looking at what is happening today, they're looking -- they're looking tomorrow, they're looking today. they've got an energy policy that carries them out. there is an article in "the wall street journal" yesterday by nancen salari. he concludes this article with the statement that the u.s. does not have an energy problem, it has an energy strategy problem. think about that. it's not lacking the resources. it's the strategy for how we develop our energy resources. during his campaign, president obama liked to quote dr. martin luther king, and he talked about the fierce urgency of now. and there are few issues
Mar 10, 2011 5:00pm EST
for over a year and we relocated to japan where the job search still continues. i thank you for starting this program. there are so many veterans out there that can be productive members of our society if the congress would find something for them to do. out of respect for your resume that is going in the congressional record tonight, my hat is off to you and we will try to find you a job. i served as an active duty member in the pennsylvania naval guard for over 20 years as a mechanic. i took advantage of the v.a. program to start a second career. i applied to all technology positions at local v.a. medical centers. my application was not even considered. i infer gave up and tried for 10 more years. and my last job, i was making $44,000, but just enough for the both of us. now i'm forced to tell potential employers i will take $15 an hour to get interviewed. i see companies wallowing in their greed to outsource jobs to other countries because it's cheaper and that's what we are getting into, cheap products instead of investing. this has to stop somewhere. respectfully yours, sergeant, un
Mar 10, 2011 1:00pm EST
the way around to china, japan and india, those trading partners are a considerable distance around the world. it is in our interest because of all the things that we buy that are traded that we protect those trade routes from some hedge monothat might want to cause trouble. -- from some hegemon that might want to cause trouble. so we have our nuclear aircraft carriers to go to the other side of the world and conduct operations without worrying about filling these things up and that's the reason why we have a lot of national defense. this started a long time ago. you can see this blue line here talks about our defense and what's going on with defense spending and then what's going on with entitlements. you see entitlements back here in 1965, this is medicare, medicaid and social security. this chart says it's 2.5% of g.d.p. you see defense is much, much higher, jumped up to above 9% here. then over time the entitlements are going up. that 9.9% is low because that's only three of the big entitlements and defense spending is going down. people say, well aren't you open minded? shouldn
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)